Online Fundraising – September GlobalGiving Challenge

NOW LIVE – 13th – 30th September 2021

GlobalGiving Challenge – we need to raise $5000, from at least 40 unique donors, within the period of 13th – 30th September. From small to large donations, every little bit is going to count towards our target.

For this we will NEED YOUR HELP!

Being on this GlobalGiving platform will enable us to take tax free donations from the UK and USA, as well as monthly donations, all on the one platform. GlobalGiving would make our overall fundraising easier and continue to help us to help elephants across Cambodia.


There are a number of different ways to increase your impact when making a donation to us and the elephants.

1) One off donation – make a donation of any amount to help Cambodia’s elephants and also help us meet our target.

2) Monthly recurring donation – Sign up for a monthly direct debit donation of $10, $15, $20 or more to help the continued care of our elephants. GlobalGiving will also match the first monthly donation 100%!

3) On Wednesday 22nd GlobalGiving launches its BONUS DAY, where the most successful organisation with the highest number of donations and donors on this has a chance to also win a number of cash prizes!

So please help us help the elephants and local community get through this difficult year, by making a donation now!

Online Fundraising – EVP Survival Fund 2021

Online donation option with Virgin Money Giving.

Thanks to our awesome donors and supporters, we have somehow made it through 2020 during this ongoing of this global crisis, and are struggling through 2021. A struggling economy means there is again mounting pressure on our forests, communities and local elephant owners, meaning our help is needed more than ever. We must continue push forward and to do so we still need your help!

Every single penny counts. So donate, send the link to your loved ones, friends and family and together let’s make a difference!

PayPal – see info below

We use PayPal for donations, and funds are transferred through our organisation’s payment partner; Elephas Enterprises which is based in Thailand. Payments are processed with Elephas until such a time as PayPal or an equivalent is available in Cambodia.

You have three options:

  1. If you have a PAYPAL account – you can send any donation amount you choose as a payment to our account at –
  2. Please choose the amount you wish to donate below from the drop down menu and click the buy now button below to continue to the payment page. When paying you can choose to pay with your existing PayPal account or continue as a guest and pay with your credit/Debit card.
    Note: Please follow through the pages and wait for the final confirmation page to appear. Sometimes the site is busy. You will also receive a confirmation email once the payment has been processed. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions with this process.
  3. If you would like to donate more than one of the options on the list below, please send an email to and we can send you an individual direct payment link for the amount your would like to donate.

Elephant Donation

Direct Bank Transfer!

You can transfer funds from within Cambodia or overseas by direct bank transfer to our donation account:

Bank: Acleda Bank Plc.
Account Name : E.L.I.E
Account No. 3000‐20‐948825‐1‐8
Address: #61, Preah Monivong Blvd, Sangkat Srah Chork, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh,
Swift code: ACLBKHPP
Chips UID : 415637

Sanctuary Wishlist

Running a project in the remote east of Cambodia sometimes limits the access to certain resources. There are also some things that are far outside our reach from general funds raised through the EVP.

Therefore we have created a wish list. Some things are small and you may be able to pack them in your suitcase if coming from overseas, (which would be an immense help). Others are a dream, but if you have the means and would like to fundraise and sponsor one of the bigger items that would make a big difference to the project and thus the elephants please contact

Elephant Medicines

There are many medicine supplies and small additions that can help our elephants and also human medical kits onsite. Items that would really help us along the way are :

  • We need iodine and lots of it. We use a 10L bottle for Sambo alone ever few weeks, for her foot soaks. Purchasing a 1L bottle of Iodine in Phnom Penh and donating it to us to help to treat elephant wounds and give foot baths would be an enormous help. Or if anyone works for a medical supply company that would like to sponsor this medicine in bulk, please let us know (Annually we use about 200L).
  • Vet Cream – 3 Action – Antibiotic, Anti-Inflammatory & Anesthetic – for example these medications – NeoSooth or  NeoCort – you may need to ask your vet to prescribe as a take away medicine for donation overseas.
  • Boxes of surgical gloves
  • First Aid Supplies (Packets of Plasters, Bandages, Gauze Pads, etc.)
  • Antibiotic cream, antiseptic cream, mosquito repellent, de-worming medication for cats and dogs.
  • Packets of 500 mg Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (we can buy this here but International brands are better quality.)

For the EVP Site

  • Hats, work clothing, rain jackets, work boots, gum boots, etc. (You can use while you are here and leave behind)
  • Thick work gloves
  • Electric torches (preferably rechargeable)
  • Tools of all shapes, kinds, and sizes

Elephant Medical Treatment & Training Areas

Elephant Clinic at EVP base camp – upgrades

  • We have received some funding over the years from generous donors, where we have continued to develop the centre. Things like gas cookers to heat the water, training fences and Sambos treatment area. This centre however is getting older and needs constant repairs.
  • We would also like to build some small treatment enclosures, for sick elephants that need to spend the night or longer close to the clinic.
  • We would like to build 2 more elephant medical treatment and positive reinforcement training areas within the forest areas. We have one close to base camp and would like 2 more in the bottom of the valley. This would make giving treatment to the elephants much easier and safer, especially the old guys and gals that might not like getting injections very much. Estimate cost for each mini training/treatment fence – $ 1000


Any working technology is always much appreciated as our work in the field eats these items. Rarely do we get funding for technology, but are super low on computers in the office, so any help goes a long way!

  • Basic Computer – Computers in any size or form are always needed for admin and for  documenting research, community projects or also to donate to other education programs in Mondulkiri – either desktops or laptops. If your company is refurbishing all their computers systems, maybe consider donating the old ones (1-3 yr old) and shipping them over for use by our NGO here or donations to other partners. Please contact for larger donations or to discuss corporate donations of equipment.
  • Pads/Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Cell Phones (1-3 years old)
  • Two Way Radios
  • Satellite Phones (with SIM)


Most of the project staff have always used their own motos. We would love to give some of the key staff project motos, which are newer and more reliable for ease of work and safety.

Head Mahout – $1200
Project Assistant Manager – $1200
Cook/kitchen staff – $1200
EVP run around moto – $1000

Solar Power for the EVP

We currently do not have a consistent green electricity supply at the EVP. We do run a generator for power 3 hours per night and when needed, but we would love to fit out the whole camp with solar. This would be more environmentally friendly, enabling us to have hot showers in the cold season and also so we don’t have to listen to that big smelly generator each night.

We have had an amazing couple that has raised enough to fit out the private bungalows already, which we are in the process of changing the grass roofing to solid roofs to accommodate the solar panels. However the quote for the full system for the main site and setup cost will be around $10,000, with a solar company in Cambodia that works with NGO’s. If you are interested in supporting all, or even part of this effort, then please drop us a line. 🙂

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