The situation

With declining habitat and the history of this region in the last 50 years decimating the elephant populations here, there are now under 70 captive elephants left in Cambodia and an estimated 400-600 left in the wild. These are the last remaining populations for Cambodia and it’s critical we act now. ELIE and the Elephant Valley Project sanctuary are here to provide care and welfare for these amazing mammals, and protect the habitat for the wild populations.

2020 was an extremely difficult year and the Corona Pandemic continues to impact owners’ livelihoods as well as ecotourism to the region. The EVP sanctuary is looking for new ways to raise funds to support Mondulkiri’s elephants and the 9 current full time residents at the EVP sanctuary. These big grey ladies and gents require 2365kgs, or $1000, of supplementary food per week, on top of their fully natural diet in the forest. We also support emergency care to community owned eles with our mobile vet team.


Fill your bellies for ellies. While you eat out you can also contribute to help feed and provide vet care for Cambodia’s last remaining elephants.

What you can do

Eat at one of the participating restaurants/cafes/food services who have selected special menu items or optional adds on, and they will donate the selected funds to ELIE’s EVP elephant care fund.

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Located in Phnom Penh

Located in Phnom Penh

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