Easy Rider

  • Age


  • Weight

    3.2 Tons 

  • Favorite Food

    Whole Trees

  • Rescue

    Long term retirement 


Easy Rider (Ride Easy in Khmer) is our roundest resident at EVP and the brains of the “Terrible Two”. As a very big confident female elephant she can be slow to cooperate and often does not know her own strength!

We first made contact with Easy when she was injured by a poaching trap and our vet was sent out to mend the wound. After her recovery her owner was too busy to maintain her upkeep and she was brought to the EVP 2007. She arrived around the same time as two other elephants owned by the same owner, after he lost another 2 elephants. This was Genial and Milot. Easy and Genial became best friends and have been here by her side ever since.

She can be found now deep in the forest with her best friend Gee Nowel bulldozing trees and chowing down on everything green and leafy like there is no tomorrow!

Come for a visit and say hello to her yourself! 

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