• Age

    Deceased at 40 

  • Weight

    5 Tons

  • Favorite Food

    Bamboo and Bananas 

  • Rescue

    Retired in 2010 with help from AAF, owners unable to care for him.


Bob was the only permanent male member of our herd. It is harder to control male elephants, therefore you won’t find many male elephants working in tourism but mainly in logging. Bob was brought to the sanctuary after his owners were no longer able to care for him on a full-time basis. He had only one tusk that had partly been broken off. He used to work in logging, where he was pulling and carrying luxury timber. He was permanently  retired with funds kindly donated by the Alexander Abraham Foundation.

It took months to calm him down and for safety reasons he was the only elephant with two mahouts; most of the time one of them was riding on his head and the other one was on the ground beside him. Bob being a male was ridden constantly by a mahout for safety.

He sadly died in September 2014 from a massive heart attack, he is sorely missed.