Our Donors

Current Grants

World Animal Protection

One of our biggest supporters for the last couple of years has been the amazing organisation World Animal Protection. In 2018 they help us with a crisis fund to cover elephant expenses, after Cambodia changed its tax laws for charities and we had to pay out some big costs.

During the Covid pandemic crisis, WAP has again stepped in again and have been funding critical care for our elephants, by supporting a monthly budget of $4100, primarily for elephant food and veterinary costs.

Without the support of WAP and all their amazing donors this last year, we might not be here today!

Click here to learn more about their work on behalf of the elephants and all wildlife in captivity!

Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

ELIE & EVP received a 6 month grant for Jan – Jun 2021 through this amazing organization. This is helping us cover some of the core weekly operations like petrol for the mahouts to get out to their elephants, and some site and forest protection activities, while Covid is limiting our tourism revenue. While giving us some funds to look into alternative income source for the project, elephants and community.

Over the past six months, the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF) has pivoted to support those hardest hit in the travel industry. We have continually asked ourselves how we can support the communities and people who are so dependent on tourism, when there is none to speak of. The COVID-19 pandemic has increasingly impacted travel destinations all over the world, many who are now suffering due to lack of income. This is especially true in communities that are heavily dependent on tourism dollars for economic stability. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reported that up to 50 million travel and tourism jobs are at risk around the world due to the current pandemic. Not only does this impact people who want to travel, but it also affects the people who have jobs within the travel industry.

Corporate Donors

Generous donation from this company – supporting a full year of rice for elephant forest compensation – supporting 70 families with 30kgs of rice per month.

Fundraising Partners

GoAbroad Foundation

As well as being able to book a volunteer placement to the ecotourism program at the sanctuary through their organisation, GoAbroad also have a fundraising platform to support our work.

Click here to learn more about their organisation and our partnership!

Major Donors – Ele Lovers

Over the years, ELIE & the Elephant Valley Project would not be here if it wasn’t for the support of all our donors. This donor wall is to give particular thanks to our large donors and supporters who have been a lifeline in the past!

Bruce and Susan, Salt Spring Island

Debbie-Ann Sullivan, USA

The Nancy Abraham Foundation

Previous Donors


Wildlife Conservation Society

A further Covid Crisis grant from our long term partner WCS Cambodia in 2021, has supported ELIE and the elephants further through this crisis.


Wildlife Conservation Society

Covid Crisis funds from our long term partner WCS Cambodia in 2020 have helped to support continued operations of ELIE & the EVP during the Covid pandemic, in recognition of the contributions we have made to the goals of the KSWS project in terms of forest protection, community development and responsible ecotourism.