E.L.I.E. Program Summaries

  • Ecotourism Program

    The Elephant Valley Project

    The Elephant Valley Project (EVP) is a sanctuary set up for elephant care, local employment and is an ecotourism site for international and local visitors.

  • Elephant Conservation

    Elephant Rehabilitation & Monitoring Project

    Elephant Monitoring & Health Check

    Trained staff visit communities around Mondulkiri who require vet assistant for their elephants. A veterinarian from the Agriculture department works with our team two days per week and is also available when needed. A database of all captive elephants, their owners and condition is also updated regularly.

    Elephant Rehabilitation

    Elephants can come to the sanctuary on three programs for rehabilitation: short term rest and recuperation programs, long-term compensation programs, and retirement programs. Families come with their elephant to look after them, or mahouts are sourced and trained from the local community of Putrom, also creating more local employment.

    Wild Elephant & Forest Protection Project (Natural Resource Protection)

    There are estimated 140 wild elephants in the Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary that borders the EVP, and to help protect the species these wild elephants are the key!

    Working directly with the Department of Environment and the Wildlife Conservation Society, ELIE supports teams of local rangers and forest police to patrol this protected forest and the local community area around the EVP.

  • Community Support

    Community Land Titling Project

    Helping the community to the secure their land for future generations is crucial for not only the community, but also to ensure protection of their forests and resources. Completed in 2016.

    Community Health Care Project

    Healthcare is one of the biggest costs for many people across Cambodia, which then puts pressure on the forest or elephants to pay for this.

    ELIE provides universal health care cover to the community members surrounding EVP, as well elephant owners and their families across Mondulkiri. This totals 2,000 + people and is our biggest funding channel.

    School Scholarship Project

    Primarily providing scholarship support for students from Putrom Village to attend highschool in the provincial capital, Sen Monorom. Support packs also provided to the primary school students in all three Putrom villages.

    Community Development Project

    Providing support for smaller one-off projects to the most vulnerable members of the community for example housing support for poor families or protection and boundary marking of sacred sites such as grave and spirit forest.