• Age

    Early 40’s

  • Weight

    3 Tons 

  • Favorite Food

    Vines & Tree Roots

  • Rescue

    Retired by aging owner 


Doe is a younger baby faced elephant and the counterpart to Darling. She comes from a very traditional life as a village elephant. Her owner, an old man who is now blind has cared for her and Darling nearly all of his life. This man and his family have a deep connection with Darling and Doe.

As he ages however he is no longer able to give the proper care that Doe and Darling need. Times change and his children desiring more modern careers have no interest in caring for the two girls.

Having been at EVP twice in the past and really taken to the forest, the owner recently sign the two ladies up to EVP on a long contract, and we hope this will continue well into the future.

Darling and Doe exhibit truly remarkable natural elephant behavior, bathing themselves in the river is a real treat to watch!

Still showing some nervous behavior, Doe is slowly adapting to the life at the EVP. She still has a tendency to run, hence the name which means ‘go’ in Khmer. However with Darling by her side, she is slowing adapting to a full time grazing lifestyle.

Come for a visit and say hello to her yourself! 

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