Gee Chreng

  • Age


  • Weight

    3.4 Tons
    One of our biggest girls!

  • Favorite Food

    Sugarcane and anything sweet

  • Rescue

    Long term retirement 


Much like Ning Wan, Gee Chreng came from a traditional Bunong working background rotating every 10 years or so between the different families and communities that owned her. Gee Chreng left Putrom 2 community just before the EVP was established to go and work with the families out in Pulung village on the other side of Sen Monorom. There she was used primarily in tourism, where guides from the town would bring their guests out on one day excursions which could include riding, swimming or hand feeding. As riding elephants became less popular there was very little work for the families to find for Gee Chreng, leaving them with few options.

When it was time to send her back to the five families in Putrom 2 community, it was now their turn to take responsibility of Gee Chreng. With many of these families already having a handful of members working at the EVP it was their decision to have Gee Chreng move to EVP and start on a five year contract. From the organisations perceptive, this is one of the main reasons  we started the Elephant Valley Project, to work in partnership with the last few owners of captive elephants and provide a financial alternative that benefits both elephant and owner. We do not wish to purchase and rescue every single elephant in Mondulkiri, for we know how important these animals mean to many under their ownership, including one very strong Grandma in our community who is one of the only female mahouts we know of and loves this elephant tremendously.

Upon Gee Chrengs arrival at the EVP, it was revealed how she and Ning Wan used to work side by side in Putrom 2 community just over 12 years ago (from 2019) and that the two were best friends. This all became apparent when the two elephants met once again after this long duration of time. Both elephants took themselves off to the far corner of the grassy hill and began to talk constantly for a number of hours with plenty of rumbles, chirps, squeaks and trumpets. Not to mention lots of trunk touching and ear flapping!

Come for a visit and say hello to her yourself! 

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