• Age


  • Weight

    2.8 Tons 

  • Favorite Food


  • Rescue

    Rescued and retired from logging as owners could not care for her. 


Pearl was our highlight of 2013. After a very difficult year we were delighted to finally get this wonderful little elephant to the Elephant Valley Project from Kon Niek, which is a district in the north of Mondulkiri. Originally we signer her in over September 2013 with a the help of a very kind donation from the Abraham Foundation (one of kindest and greatest of our supporters), however the heavy rains that year flooded the rivers between Kon Niek and Sen Monorom preventing us from safely taking her to the EVP. After a couple of months of having our best team look after her in the middle of the forest between two rivers, we were able to finally walk her into EVP and arrived in Jan 2014.

We introduced her to the heaven herd and she immediately hit it off with Ruby, Ning Wan and Mae Nang and started copying behaviors and eating everything in sight.

She is a feisty little elephant who dearly loves her adopted mother, Ning Wan, and is always at her side gossiping away about the latest goings on with the other elephants.

Rarely have we seen an elephant adapt to living in the valley as fast as this beautiful sole. She is certainly much preferring her days of bamboo and mud slinging compared to the logging industry where she came from. Her favorite daily activity is her morning bath where visitors to the EVP can see her rolling around in the river while getting a scrub from her mahout, Mr Yan.

Pearl is most recognizable by the fact that her behind is covered from lumps that come from when she was logging. She worked previously as a drag elephant pulling wood out of the Sre Pok river Basin in the Mondulkiri Protected Forest. As she was pulling wood along her mahouts/keepers would hit her behind to keep her moving leaving her covered in bruises and scars. However it is clear to us here that she has clearly forgotten about her past and is thoroughly enjoying living with her new found family.

Come for a visit and say hello to her yourself! 

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