• Age

    Deceased at 31

  • Weight

    2.3 Tons  

  • Favorite Food


  • Rescue

    The first elephant retired at the EVP. Arrived with a broken leg and hip. 


Princess was a wonderful elephant. Small and stubborn, she knew what she wanted and she normally got it. She had a very poor rear left leg that had clearly been hurt quite badly in her past as a logging elephant. She walked with a limp, often dragging her leg behind her so much that her spine was quite twisted. She came to us after her owners heard about our sanctuary and released her to us and to them we are forever grateful.

People often ask us why we do not ride the elephants at the sanctuary and often we say that it was in seeing how much more of an elephant Princess was than the others, that caused us to stop and let the other elephants roam free as well. A decision that was never regretted and allowed us to become a real elephant sanctuary. Today some of our best mahouts such as Yan and Norm were her key mahouts for the three years she was with us.

Princess passed away just before the start of the Monsoon season in June 2010. Her memory still inspires us.