• Age


  • Weight

    2.4 Tons 

  • Favorite Food

    Vines and Roots

  • Rescue

    Rescued after being severely overworked and loss of habitat. 


Miss Ruby is one of the smallest additions to the herd; not by age or personality by any means, but by her very cute small size. Retired in December 2012, coming from a very long logging past, Ruby’s life was a hard one.

When her owners could not look after her anymore as they have no land and forest left, we stepped in. Ruby’s permanent retirement took many ups and downs, especially over the 3 months after the deal was arranged. We had raised the money and were all ready to go, then one of her owners passed away and negotiations were up in the air again. However, after some persistent nagging from some of their wives and Ruby’s rubber tree stomping skills, the owners finally agreed .

Thus Ruby, a crew of mahouts, Jemma, Jack and volunteers, walked the 60km from her village to the Elephant Valley Project.

Ruby is a an icon at EVP and serves as the “bodyguard”role for the four “Heaven Girls”. She shows amazing natural elephant behavior and has recovered immensely.

Gone are the days when if anyone held up a stick, leaf or branch she cowered to the ground – she now walks around confidently and approaches us ever inquisitively keeping an eye on visitors as she protects her herd.

Come for a visit and say hello to her yourself! 

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