Daily Volunteering

If your visit options includes volunteering you will have a unique experience to lend a hand and help us keep the project going and growing!

Roll up your sleeves and help us help the elephants! 

The camp is constantly growing project by project, thanks to the hard work and dedication of people like YOU, the volunteers that have visited over the years. Projects in the past have included digging trenches, building water towers, construction of guesthouses, working on the banana, bamboo and pineapple farms, trails maintenance, reforestation, etc. etc.

The work can be physically hard and you will get sweaty and dirty;

Volunteer work can often involve manual labor and agricultural and ecological based projects. These are the areas we need the most help with to keep things running and the sanctuary operating as a whole. Your work really is the backbone of everything we do!

Not Interested in Volunteering? 

You can always add extra elephant time to your visit. On the 2 Day / 3 Day / and 5 Day programs you can substitute volunteering for more time with the elephants. The cost is an additional $30 per person / per session. If you want to add this option please let us know when booking! 🙂