Forms and Documents 

All people who visit the project must first fill in a “visitors information form” before or on arrival. This allows us to keep a record of your visit and to insure your safety and protects your rights as a guest and visitor of the project. We also provide the relevant information to the tourist police each day based on this information.

We will require your name,  age, address, passport and visa number, allergies, food preference (vegan, vegetarian etc…), phone number to ring in case of emergencies.

What to bring for your day visit…
  • Please bring sufficient water for trekking in the forest for the whole morning, you can refill your bottle at base camp at lunch time. You might also need sunscreen, hat, mosquito repellent, rain jacket etc.
  • Please wear appropriate jungle trekking attire, e.g. long pants/long shorts and a t-shirt. Please no short shorts or visible cleavage so as to be culturally sensitive to our Bunong staff.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear. Flip-flops are not suited to hiking in the forest.

What to bring for your overnight visit…

  • As well as also bring the above materials you will also need:
  • As the base camp is located on the side of a mountain, we cannot get the cars down the hill if there is any rain and we have to walk the last 800m. So please be aware that you may have to carry your own luggage, generally in the peak of rainy season. If only coming for a night or two, you may consider leaving your main luggage in storage in town at your guesthouse.
  • Please bring your passports for our records, as the law of Cambodia states that we have to submit these records to the tourist police daily. ]We will take a copy of these on arrival.
  • Don’t forget your torch (flashlight), as you will need this in the evenings. We run a generator from sundown to approximately 9pm, but you will need your torch to get to your rooms and the bathroom blocks.
  • A warm jumper is handy especially during November – February
  • Please bring a refillable water bottle
  • And don’t forget to bring some good books!

Visa information

All visitors and volunteers must have a current and up to date visa, so please bring your passport along. If you have deposited or about to deposit your passport with an embassy then please make sure you have a copy of your passport and Cambodian Visa.

If you are coming to volunteer for a period of time longer than a month or if you will be at the EVP when your visa expires please make sure you enter the country under a Normal or Business visa so that we can easily extend it during your stay.

Important – Travel Insurance!

Visitors are required to have travel insurance in case of accident, emergency or an act of theft. We have had no problems so far at the sanctuary but we do not wish to be lax in case there is a problem in the future and for example we need to call an air ambulance or provide you with expensive medical treatments.

Malaria & Dengue Fever

Please be aware that the area of Mondulkiri, and particularly the sanctuary based in the forest, are in a Malaria Zone. It is recommended that you take Malaria preventative medication for your stay in this region. The best prevention is also covering up at night time, from dusk until dawn. This means wearing loose long sleeved tops and long pants, or a quick spray of mosquito repellent.

Dengue Fever, another mosquito born virus has been more present in recent years across Cambodia, and now also seen in Mondukliri. There is no preventive medication for Dengue, but please make sure you are covering up with mosquito repellent during the day to avoid getting bitten.