The Elephant Valley Project is as much about people as it is about elephants. Without secure employment for an elephant’s mahout, an elephant is essentially at risk.

Only a few years ago there was enough forest in Mondulkiri for a mahout to just let his elephant wander around, with little more than a leg binding or a simple drag chain, but this is not the case anymore. A mahout now has to tend to his elephant regularly to stop damage to a neighbor’s crops or injury from a criminal or poacher. Without regular employment and income there is little incentive for proper and correct care in the modern Cambodia.

Increasingly we are seeing human/elephant conflict within the small local population. The Elephant Valley Project while young is a place where mahouts can go to work, earn and income and look after their elephants correctly and all in a place that is dedicated for them.

To pay for this we take you on as a volunteer and show you an amazing time letting you immerse yourself in the simple yet amazing daily routine of our elephants and mahouts.

However after you leave, we are still here and thanks to your visit we can continue paying wages, buying rice, foodstuffs, fuel and bananas. All while continually letting our lovely elephants roam free in the forest that is dedicated solely to their rest and care.

2016 ELIE Financial Breakdown