Mae Nang

  • Age


  • Weight

    2.5 Tons

  • Favorite Food


  • Rescue

    Rescued from being Malnourished, Dehydrated, and Abused.


Mae Nang was the one of the most troubled elephants to arrive at EVP. Her previous owners abused and worked her tirelessly for many years, logging and transporting goods.

After lengthy negotiations, she finally came to the Elephant Valley Project in May 2011. She showed signs of heavy overwork, was blind in her right eye, and was scared of anything new in her environment. However she slowly regained her strength and was a much loved member of the herd.

After her arrival Ning Wan and Ruby have took Mae Nang under their wing and began teaching her how to be an elephant again. In turn she has served as a great support for our youngest Pearl all the same. She was our oldest elephant she is our resident granny at EVP and spent her days hanging and just getting to be an elephant again.

Sadly in Dec 2023 Mae Nang passed away due to old age.

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